screenshot PyDate is a very simple tool to adjust the system date and time conveniently from an easy to use graphical interface.
It is primarily intended to be used with minimal desktop environments like IceWm which don't provide such tools themselves.
KDE or Gnome libraries are not required to run PyDate.


PyDate requires the following packages to be installed: All of these should be included in any decent linux distribution, (though some might be split into several packages).


Generally there is no installation necessary, just unpack the tar.bz2 archive and execute the file. If you want to do a system-wide install, do (as root):
    # cd source_directory/pydate-1.0 && ./
This will install the files to /usr/local . After this you can start the program with the command "pydate".


There really is not much to configure. A few (hopefully self-explanatory) options to customize the appearance of the calendar widget and the Info/Help dialog can be edited directly within


The program may be launched by any user, however in order to actually set the system date and time of course root privilege is required.

The date can be adjusted through the calendar widget, either using the mouse or through keyboard navigation.
When the calendar has keyboard focus, the following key bindings apply to the widget: The time of day may either be adjusted with the mouse by moving the clock's hands and selecting either "AM" or "PM".
Alternatively you can set the time in the time entry field: Global key bindings:


PyDate allows to set the system time and date but not to change the timezone.
Handling timezones is rather complicated, because there is a considerable amount of platform specific issues to be taken into account. This is why I decided, for the sake of reliability, to not even try.


There is an awkward design bug in the iwidgets Calendar widget: by default every month -even February- has 31 days ;)
I added some tricky code to remove these excess days, however in some cases (as for example Feb. 2014) the calendar layout shows empty space then where a line of days (representing a week) was before the useless days were removed, which makes the calendar look somewhat "vertically compressed" in these cases.
This is purely a cosmetic issue though.

The iwidgets html viewer appears to be buggy, so on some systems the layout of the info dialog might look more or less messed up.


Feb. 23 2013: PyDate-1.0

Initial reease.

Mar. 02 2013: PyDate-1.1

This release fixes a bug in the handling of keyboard events in the timefield entry that stopped keyboard navigation from working on some systems (as it was reported on debian wheezy).


PyDate is available for download on its sourceforge site


PyDate is licensed under the terms of the Gnu General Public License.


Any comments, bug reports and suggestions are highly welcome.
Please mailto:
Michael Lange <klappnase (at) users (dot) sourceforge (dot) net>

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